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Concrete by Design

How often do we actually think? What objects are important to me? Which object would I pick to tell my story? Something is going to be more precious if you have been a part of it…… Been apart of its creation. What if a piece of work has been created for you……
The only reason its been created is to tell your story.

Most of our commissions start with a journey, whether it be a trip to an exotic location or a vision you have had in a dream, it is our job at Elliot Craig to make that journey a fulfilling one. The journey is usually a personal one, not embellished through our designs, but of your own ideas that we put in to reality.
We like to think that a piece tells the story of the commissioner, every mark in it tells something about how it should be created. At the beginning we are looking for narratives, to help form the building blocks and the visualisation of the piece.

Our vision is to create a piece that is not only functional but also tells a story narrating it through the lines and projection of the piece.

We see very few boundaries in our design and this shows with every piece we commission……. So now its time to take that journey.

All our pieces are unique and bespoke, mimicking a finger print or a snowflake, not one piece is ever the same. Through craftsmanship and natural materials we create a piece that is intended to be the focal point of the area that its positioned in and collaborate with the surroundings it is within to form the dream that you have created.

From Design to manufacture we become architects and creators, forming and shaping the essence of the piece.

They say the journey is much more valuable than the destination…. Our journeys are full of exploration, discovery and a fundamental part of any concrete creation. borrowing textures from nature to create the innocuous design that transforms in to a piece of art with function and capability.
All commissions are united, even though they are all different…

From the same family destined for different things, creating pieces that are out of the ordinary that have jaw dropping results but yet compliments surroundings as well, creating an object so special that the journey is told by the piece itself and created by you.

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