Grinding and Polishing of Existing Concrete 2018-02-14T09:16:35+00:00

Grinding and Polishing of Existing Concrete

With a new or old slab, you can specify your structural requirements to suit the application of your building, and the palette of colours and patterns can fit virtually any design criteria. We can not only grind and polish your concrete but also stain the surface in a variety of colours, using specific stains we can turn a previously laid concrete floor in to a masterpiece.

Quite simply, a polished concrete floor is the most cost-effective application in the marketplace for a finished floor surface.

Self-levelling compounds, latex, sealers, adhesives and then your chosen sheet or tiled flooring will be a thing of the past.

Elliot Craig Ltd polished concrete floors gives you a stunning architectural floor with a lifespan that can last as long as your building does, with a life-cycle cost of up to 60% less than any traditional floor covering with literally minimal maintenance. We use HTC Super floor systems and all HTC tooling. Our machines are suitable for home owners as well as commercial and industrial applications.