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Polished Concrete Counter Tops

Elliot Craig provides a beautiful contemporary alternative material for architectural products and surfaces.

Elliot Craig takes an artisanal and dynamic approach, specialising in the design and creation of concrete countertops using our own specific stone and cement formulas for interior and exterior use. Not only is the mix that we use formulated for our worktops there are many more applications for it.

We aim to create highly individual surfaces and products built to our clients specification.

Polished Concrete Counter Tops

Each of our products is unique, very much like a snowflake, so we see our products as working art rather than only functional items.

The versatility of polished concrete provides the the client with a product that will suit any shape. Concrete can be installed virtually anywhere, the possibilities are only challenged by your own imagination.

Concrete Design

Our polished concrete products can be created in a variety of colours, from natural tones to pigmented charcoal, surfaces can be ground to expose decorative aggregate or have variable degrees of grinding. All products are treated with the very best sealers on the market cleaning and maintenance is vey minimal and our products will last a life time…

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